For the Love of Airplanes


Airplanes are incredible inventions  that many of us often take for granted, even though they are terribly convenient for those who need or want to travel. I’ve personally always preferred driving, mainly because of Leo, but I’ve recently been reminded why airplanes are so great.

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Total Disconnect

We are all unbelievably interconnected these days thanks to cell phones and the Internet. We have the world at our fingertips, which is amazing in many ways. However, every once in awhile I like to get away from it all. I like being disconnected from everything and not being reachable. It’s rare to sit back and simply enjoy the present, but airplanes present that opportunity.San Diego

I realize that airplanes have become advanced to the point of offering Internet access, texting, in-flight entertainment, etc. You don’t have to partake of any of these things if you don’t want to, though. Granted, you don’t have to partake of any of these things even when you’re not on an airplane, but it never seems to be that easy to get away from it. In my experience, it’s always easier to put all of the technology aside when I’m on a plane, and it’s one of the reason I love flying.

What a Feelin’

airplane in the sun

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you accelerate over a hill? I am crazy about that feeling. This is the feeling I get during takeoff. You can feel the pressure pushing against you and it’s exhilarating to experience the feeling of the wheels lifting off the ground. Landing is a little different. You feel light and free, until the wheels hit the ground and give you a little bump to remind you where you are. When airplanes takeoff and land, I always get a little bit of a thrill. To me it’s one of the greatest aspects of flying.

I also find turbulence exciting, which might seem strange considering turbulence is usually considered a negative thing. I’ve always thought it was a good reminder that you’re still vulnerable even though you’re in this astounding contraption. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush, or maybe I’m just weird, but I think it’s rather exciting.

Sights From Airplanes


Not everyone loves heights, but I find them exhilarating. I welcome the change in perspective, the feeling of being small, and the rush of looking down at a sprawling landscape. Airplanes multiply these experiences to an even greater height (no pun intended). Even the lights at night can be pretty to look at. The views from a plane can vary from breathtaking to repetitive, but I think they’re all worth observing.

There are other sights to take in aside from the views on the ground of course. Rising above the clouds is another great thing to watch. Clouds are fascinating. They can be a blanket of fluffiness that looks like snow, or they can be little wisps of white. Whatever form they take, I love flying above them or through them. Another cool sight is when you see another plane fly past. It reminds you just how fast you’re going, since the ground can be misleading.

Little Extras

Airplanes sound cool, they look cool, and they feel cool. There really are many different reasons to love them. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies, but there’s something weirdly old fashioned about airplanes. The beverage carts, the announcements over the intercom, and all the little sounds are somehow comforting in their consistency. Drinking coffee or hot tea while you gaze out the window is a blissful experience. Not everything about airplanes is great, but I hope you try to remember the better aspects, such as the ones I touched on, the next time you fly.

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