10 Ways to Show Gratitude This Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is finally Thanksgiving, which means many of us have a four-day weekend coming up. We’ll have time to kick back, enjoy a delicious meal, and hopefully get all our Christmas shopping done. It’s a nice break from the constant rush of the holiday season and a great time to get caught up on old projects and sleep. It’s also a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and take stock of the blessings in our lives.

Whether this year’s been a breeze or you’ve struggled each day to get out of bed, odds are you have something to be grateful for. If you do, take advantage of this Thanksgiving break by finding a way to share your gratitude. This could be as simple as a thank you note sent to someone who has done something nice for you. If you’re having a tough time thinking of something you could do, however, here is a list of ten ways to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving. 

Giving Thanks

  1. Share Your Gratitude. Prior to your Thanksgiving meal, go around and have everyone share at least one thing they’re grateful for. Encourage people to dig deep but be accepting of whatever response they might give.
  2. Write a Poem. You don’t have to show it to anybody if you don’t want to, but writing a poem about the good things in your life will help you appreciate them more.Little Things
  3. Use Social Media. Tell others what you’re thankful for in a tweet or share a picture on Instagram of something special in your life. With all the social media sites out there, it’s easy to show your gratitude and maybe even start a trend of others doing so as well.
  4. Write Personalized Notes. Maybe you’ve been meaning to tell someone in your life how much they mean to you. Take advantage of this holiday to write them a note, thanking them for being a part of your life. Try to be specific as possible.
  5. Donate Items to a Good Cause. Take some time to buy gifts or food for the less fortunate. It’s more personal than writing a check and will make you more aware of the cause you’re donating to. However, don’t feel bad if writing a check is the most you can do. If it is, include a note saying why you’re choosing to donate.
  6. Visit the Sick or Elderly. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have people they love surrounding them on this holiday. Head to a retirement home or a hospital to spend some time with those who aren’t able to be with their families or friends. Talk to them, listen to them, and let them know someone cares about them enough to stop by.Thanksgiving Gratitude
  7. Volunteer at a Soup KitchenBefore or after your own meal, volunteer to help out at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. If this isn’t possible, consider bringing Thanksgiving meals to people who can’t leave their homes and aren’t able to cook for themselves.
  8. Make a Phone Call. If there’s someone you’re especially grateful to this year, but you won’t be seeing them over the holidays, give them a call. Spend a few moments talking to them about what’s going on in your life and be sure to listen to what they have to say about their own life.
  9. Invite Someone to Your Meal. If you happen to know someone who will be alone this Thanksgiving, invite them to share in your celebration. Make them feel welcome by including them in your traditions.
  10. Exchange Favorite Memories. Tell those you’re spending the holiday with your favorite memory from Thanksgivings gone by or from the last year. Have them do the same. Sharing these memories will help everyone realize how blessed they are. Plus, it will hopefully evoke some great conversations and some serious laughs.

Habitual Gratitude

Gratitude Goes Beyond Thanksgiving

Once the holiday is over, don’t let your grateful attitude die out. Keep it going through the remainder of the holiday season and into the next year of your life. The more often you acknowledge your gratitude, the quicker it becomes a habit to do so. If you let it, this habit will lead to a more fulfilling and joyful life. Why not take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to take your first step toward this possibility?

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