It’s Time to Turn up the Heat


Bitter winds whistle and wail against the sides of the house while freezing rain beats against the roof. You’re wrapped in a blanket, watching the flames dance in a blazing fire. A tea kettle whistles from the other room, but you hesitate to get up, knowing you’ll be chilled instantly. Except, wait, this isn’t the 18th century. Why not just turn up the heat?

This chilly oversight could be due to a few different circumstances. Perhaps you’re exceptionally stubborn and refuse to admit how cold you are. Maybe you grew up in a household where turning up the heat was largely frowned upon. Maybe, just maybe, you’re an idiot and forgot you had the power of warmth at your fingertips. If you’ve ever been in this scenario, you may recognize a few of the following signs.

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Pay Attention to the Little Things

Warm MugSometimes signs are big and obvious, and other times they’re small enough to go mostly unnoticed. Among the latter, you’ll find changes in your eating habits. You typically have one, maybe two cups of coffee in the morning; now, you find yourself consuming roughly six to eight because you like holding a warm mug. Likewise, while you generally enjoy fruit or yogurt for breakfast, you suddenly find yourself craving oatmeal and porridge (of all things).

There are other trivial matters as well, like realizing the butter you keep in the cupboard is just as hard as it would be if you kept it in the refrigerator. You might notice frost forming around the edges of the windows or how the dog is sleeping in front of the fireplace more than usual. These are all little aspects that gradually work their way into your mind, leaving you to wonder how you didn’t notice them before.

Layers of Fun

LayersYou wake up on a day where you have no plans other than to stay home. You’re thinking about how great it will be to stay in your pajamas all day, but you quickly realize they’re not warm enough. You proceed to put on long underwear, sweatpants, a long-sleeved shirt, and two sweatshirts. Then, you hide away in a fort made of pillows and blankets, where the frigid air will never get to you.

Somehow, the chill sneaks through your barrier, however, and you find yourself contemplating your next move. Your fingers are edging on numb, so the next logical step would be to put on gloves. Inexplicably, this seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do while inside. The real challenge is deciding if it’s worth venturing out of your cocoon or if it would be better to try tucking yourself in tighter.

Those who live in the cold regions of the globe know how essential layers are to survival. Before venturing outside, they bundle up and cover every inch of their skin to protect themselves from the dangerous elements. Finding yourself huddled in layers upon layers of clothing while inside, however, is a big sign it’s time to turn up the heat. After all, it’s tough to deny how cold it is in your house when you’re wearing two pairs of socks and a pair of slippers.

Maybe It’s Time to Cave

Perhaps the sneakiest of signs that it’s time to turn up the heat is a lack of motivation.Comfortable Warmth It’s sneaky because it’s easy to write it off as something else. You might tell yourself you’re tired from not getting enough sleep, but you’re tired because your body is using all its energy to keep your core temperature stable. You know you could be warm if you got up and did something, but it’s hard to find the motivation to do so.

The reason you choose not to turn up the heat is known only to you. There’s a chance you realize how foolish you’re being, but there’s also a chance you’re completely oblivious. Keep your eyes open for any of the above signs, though, as they might be a good indicator that it’s time for you to give in to what you desire: comfortable warmth.

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