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Several years ago, I realized the importance of shopping local and supporting small businesses. Now, I prefer to buy from small businesses as often as possible, though it’s surprisingly difficult at times. Convenience and thriftiness are both very near and dear to me, after all, which doesn’t always work well with local shopping. Yet, despite my stinginess, I still think it’s important to support small businesses, and I want to share one with you that’s rather important to me.

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ThriftyGingerGems is an Etsy shop operated by my cousin Katie. In her online shop, you’ll find a unique variety of homemade jewelry, with a specialty in skydiving 3-ring bracelets. She also has a great selection of handmade earrings, which all come with plastic backs to keep them from falling out of your ears.

Along with the convenient plastic backs, Katie’s made sure all the earring hooks are nickel and iron free, which is excellent news for anyone with sensitivities. If you’re still concerned, though, it’s possible to request sterling silver hooks for an additional fee.

Let’s Be Reasonable

Now, I may be biased because she’s my cousin, but I think Katie is a very creative individual. I’ve looked through her earring selection, and it’s difficult to choose only one pair because they’re all so interesting and pretty. Even better, they’re inexpensive for what you’re getting.

I’ve made jewelry before, and it takes a lot of patience. It’s detailed work, and you’re often using small materials that are easy to drop and lose. The time and care that goes into homemade jewelry is often what makes it more expensive. Katie’s jewelry is reasonably priced, considering how much care I know she puts into each piece.

In my opinion, Katie has always been a thoughtful and generous person. As such, she wants to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your purchase. If you don’t believe me, head over to ThriftyGingerGems and see for yourself just how kind and caring she is. If you do believe me, head over there and check out the awesome selection she has available. Be sure to check back often, as well, for new additions.

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