Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is More Than a Feast


It’s odd, but the closer we get to Thanksgiving Day, the less we seem to pay attention to it. This is most likely a side effect of also getting closer to the Christmas season and the increased stress we tend to experience at this time of the year. We forget how much time there is between the holidays and rush to get everything done the weekend of Thanksgiving, rather than enjoying the time with our families.

This is a true travesty because Thanksgiving is a fantastic holiday. It has so much more to offer than a feast of turkey and stuffing. On this day, we get to sit down at the table and share what we’re grateful for. We get to focus on the positive aspects of our lives rather than the negatives that we’re usually drawn to. Plus, we get to wrack our brains trying to think of books, movies, songs, etc. that fit the holiday. Here are a few Thanksgiving themed items to help you out.

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Thanksgiving Themed Movies

For many, the morning of the holiday entails food prep and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Then, once the meal has commenced, our attention is turned to football. Not everyone enjoys both or either of these, however, but may still want to watch something that fits the day’s theme. Here are a few options:

Some of these movies are better known than others, and there’s a good reason for this. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Trains, Planes, and Automobiles are my personal recommendations. Yet, everyone has different tastes, so go ahead and take your pick.

Reading on Thanksgiving Day

Perhaps movies aren’t your thing, and you prefer the written word. Well, there are plenty of books that are dedicated to this wonderful day. Granted, most of them are children’s books, but who’s to say adults can’t read them as well?

For the Children:Turkeys
 For the Grownups:

There’s nothing quite like a book about the holiday to help you get into the right mindset. As with the movies, some of these are better than others. You’ll have to decide which one is up your alley.

Songs of Thanksgiving

If your family is the singing type, you may find yourselves searching for songs befitting Thanksgiving Day. This is no easy feat considering how early we start hearing Christmas music each year. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, radio stations have already been playing this music for weeks. It makes one wonder if Thanksgiving music even exists. It does.

There’s no reason singing can’t be as common on Thanksgiving as it is on Christmas. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many. If you happen to be a songwriter, please start working on a few. The world desperately needs more.

Give Thanks

Having a day dedicated to giving thanks is truly something special. It deserves more attention and should be held in higher esteem than it currently is. Whatever way you choose to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day, do so with gusto. Embrace the spirit of the holiday and show some appreciation for what you have. Be sure to enjoy the holiday and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

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