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The Simple Joy of a Trip to the Dog Beach


I was ready to venture outside from the moment I woke this morning but was, as usual, stuck waiting until my human, Emily, noticed. When she finally opened her eyes, I could hardly contain my excitement. She opened the door, and I bounded outside. I had to check the yard to make sure no other dogs had marked over my territory – a rather important part of my morning.

From there, things proceeded as they always do. Emily went about doing the strange things she does, while I perched on the back of the couch to keep a watchful eye on both her and the yard. After some time, she went into the bedroom and came out with her backpack. I instantly knew something was up; she was going somewhere, and hopefully she was planning on taking me with her.

I watched her carefully while she packed items into the bag. Nothing interested me until she went to the cupboard that contained my treats. If she packed a couple, then I knew for sure she was taking me with. She proceeded to do so, and I ran over to where she keeps the leash. That’s when I heard one of my favorite words: beach.

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Easily Distracted

The beach we were going to was no ordinary beach; it was a dog beach. This was a place where I could roam free and meet new friends. My excitement Plantmounted as Emily pulled my harness and leash from the cupboard. I tried to take the harness, so I could put it on myself, but she insisted on doing it for me. She clipped on the leash, and we trotted out the door.

I started out at a brisk pace, wanting to get there as soon as possible. Something caught my attention, though, and I had to stop to examine it. This happened a few more times, and I decided to slow down slightly so as not to miss anything. One good smell was followed by another, and I was soon lost in the world of distractions.

As I stopped to sniff at a suspicious smelling plant, I realized we were almost at the dog beach. I began walking with renewed purpose, vowing to stay focused and ignore any remaining distractions. This proved to be an impossible challenge, however, because we crossed paths with another dog. I now had to keep my nose to the ground, so I could figure where that dog had come from and if he had dared to mark any of my spots.

So Many Smells, So Little Time

Beach ExplorerBefore I knew it, Emily was bending down to remove my leash and harness; we had made it to the dog beach. I shook myself to get my bearings, then raced onto the beach. A million sights, sounds, and smells exploded around me. It was never easy choosing where to start.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to choose. Another dog was quickly approaching me. I began to approach, then stopped myself. Silly me, I had almost forgotten the ever-important stare down. I gave it ample time, then swiftly approached. We circled each other and would have continued to do so, but I noticed that Emily had wandered off. Not wanting her to get lost (or worse, forget me), I chased after her.Chillin' on the Beach

I soon forgot about the other dog as new smells wafted toward me. We passed several more dogs, but none of them seemed interesting enough for me to stop. Emily finally stopped walking and sat down on the sand. I wasn’t ready to sit just yet, so I wandered around and tried to identify some of the smells.

It wasn’t long before one specific smell caught my attention. Today was my lucky day. A dog was nearby, and he wanted to play. After the obligatory sniffing, I initiated a game of chase. We raced up and down the beach, enjoying our game. For some reason, though, he decided to run into the water. I stared after him, wondering how he could be so foolish. Didn’t he realize he was getting wet?

It was clear to me that our game was over, so I returned to my sniffing. I found a few more dogs who were interested in playing, but they also ended up running into the water. This always seemed to be the case at the dog beach. Eventually, I had enough of this foolishness and returned to where Emily was sitting. I plopped down next to her and waited for the attention that I knew would be coming my way.

Back to Easy Street

Emily patted me on the head a few times, and I happily leaned against her. I hadn’t realized how much energy I had expended while I was playing, and I was feeling rather worn out and warm. Emily had stopped petting me, so I went in search of the perfect spot for a nap.

I found a great spot, but the sand was too warm, so I dug down to a cooler level. As I settled myself in, I noticed Emily looking at me with a scowl on her face. In my excitement, I had apparently flung the dirt from my hole directly onto her lap. Figuring she’d get over it quickly, I laid my head down and closed my eyes; I would need more energy for the long trek home.

Gazing at the Beach

In what felt like only moments, Emily started packing things up. She slipped on my harness, and we set off for home. The journey back was once again full of fascinating things, though the route was different than the one we took on the way to the dog beach. My energy seemed to return to me as I found more and more interesting items to smell. We also ran into a few more dogs, which always increases my adrenaline.

This energy boost wasn’t going to last long, though, and I was starting to worry that we would never make it home. Relief washed over me as we rounded a corner and a familiar smell greeted my nose. We were on our street, and before too long, we were safely inside our home.

Emily went to retrieve a treat for me, while I lapped up some much-needed water (I don’t mind it so much when it’s in a bowl). I munched the treat, then settled down on the couch for another nap. What a wonderful day this had been.

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