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It’s been some time since I last posted anything, so please allow me to explain why. First, my laptop broke, which wasn’t something I had prepared for. Second, I’ve been delayed in getting a new one because I was in India. Third, I’ve been working on some changes to my site. I now have a new laptop, and my site has a new layout/look. I’ve also given my site a new name. Welcome to the newly coined Erratic Ramblings.

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To Fix or Replace?

When my laptop first broke, I was rather disgruntled. I kept hoping it would fix itself, so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. Alas, problems don’t simply go away when we ignore them, and when I returned from my trip, the laptop was still not working. It seemed I would have to put on my adult face and figure out what needed to be done.

The first order of business was to determine whether it was worth getting my computer looked at or if I would be better off simply replacing computer My computer had been on the brink of collapse for almost a year, and a new one might be a welcome change. I pictured myself briskly tapping away on a beautiful keyboard, whilst sipping coffee and enjoying a warm croissant.

My imagination had apparently already made the decision for me. I now knew I wanted a shiny, new laptop, but I realized I had no idea where to start. Technology and I haven’t always gotten along (I’ve had several arguments with the GPS before), so I wasn’t in a great position to weigh laptops against each other. Plus, I hadn’t exactly been paying attention to the market in the past few years, so I was way behind on what was even available.

A “Simple” Decision

Given the roadblocks in my way, I brilliantly decided to turn to a place that has hundreds of different answers, making it practically impossible to digest all the information – the internet. Now, the internet can be a handy tool when you know what you’re looking for and aren’t privy to the way in which many of the “reviews” are compiled. However, if this isn’t the case, it can be frustrating, to say the least.

Pushing my skepticism aside, I waded into the massive pool of information. It wasn’t quite as terrible as I was anticipating it would be, though reading everything on a phone screen was less than thrilling. I managed to escape unscathed. I wrote down the specifications I required and found a few laptops I wanted to look at in person, then realized I would have to go to an actual store in order to look at them.

electronics store

Swallowing my dislike for shopping, I headed to my nearest electronics store. As I had feared, I was immediately approached by one of the staff members looking for a customer to assist. Decisions are hard enough without having someone hovering around waiting for you to choose between products. Although, in this case, the added pressure was helpful in pushing me to actually make a decision, and I was able to leave the store with my new laptop in tow.

New Laptop, New Website

You know how when you change one thing, you suddenly decide a bunch of other things also need changing? changeWell, that’s what happened when I decided to get a new laptop. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to change things up. I decided to completely recraft my website. It needed a fresh look, but more importantly, it needed a new direction.

I won’t bore you with the logistics of remodeling a site, but I will tell you it was much simpler than when I originally set everything up. Rearranging the posts that already existed was piddly and time-consuming, but certainly not difficult. It took some time to get everything exactly how I wanted it, but I got it done and was ready to move on to the real challenge.

Back to Basics

Writing is something I love to do. Yet, for some reason, I always seem to find a way to suck the joy out it for myself. I get bogged down in the details and lose sight of why I really enjoy writing. Writing is a way to express the things I otherwise struggle with, but my blog didn’t seem to be expressing that sentiment.

You see, I had become too focused on driving visitors to my site. The more content I put out, the more people I was able to attract. But I wasn’t always writing about topics that were near and dear to my heart. Yes, they were of interest to me, but was that really the reason I had been writing about them? It was clear something had to change.


I’ve struck my old posting schedule and created a new one. Rather than posting about topics I’m only semi-interested in, I’ve decided to stick with things I truly care about. I’m no longer going to push myself to post on a daily basis, either. Instead, I will put up a blog post every Thursday and Sunday (hopefully). I may throw some other things in there randomly, but the blog is the only thing that will be scheduled each week. I’m also working on creating a photo gallery, which will hopefully be done soon.

This new schedule will give me time to focus on bigger projects, something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Even better, it will give me back my ambition and love of writing. Thanks for sticking things out with me so far. I’m looking forward to developing new ideas and covering topics that really mean something to me.

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