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My use of essential oils started out as a hobby. Since then, I’ve been slowly working on increasing my knowledge of and experience with them. I’ve learned plenty of little tidbits about different oils, but I’m more interested in testing them out. I want to know if these oils can deliver.

Seeing how I’m a Distributor for Young Living, I thought it might make sense for me to share what I’ve been discovering. Knowledge is power, after all, and this could be surprisingly helpful knowledge. Anyway, here are three oils I’ve not only learned about but also personally used.

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FDA Disclaimer: Oils are not evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Hands down my new favorite, Digize is one of Young Living’s essential oil blends. It contains a blend of tarragon, peppermint, fennel, juniper, anise, lemongrass, patchouli, and ginger oils that is meant to aid with digestion. It’s also supposed to have calming and relaxing effects.Ginger Root

When it comes to digestion troubles, Digize is amazing. I was skeptical when I first used it, but it only took that one use to convince me it was effective. Since then, I’ve used it anytime my stomach has been upset or I’ve felt bloated. It’s been a great addition to my oil collection.

Now, as far as relaxation is concerned, I admittedly haven’t tried Digize. It hadn’t even occurred to me to try using it for anything other than digestion until I read more about it. That being said, I will still probably stick with other oils for relaxation and keep Digize for digestion issues. Not because I don’t think it would be effective for relaxation, but because I don’t like how it smells. It’s the biggest downside to it, but it’s one I can tolerate in the name of abdomen comfort.

Tea Tree Oil

For the past few months, I’d been experiencing an itchy, slightly burning sensation in my ears. I initially tried cleaning my ears out thoroughly – despite knowing you’re not supposed to stick cotton swabs in your ears – but it didn’t seem to help. Seeing how it was still a problem, I decided to search for some potential home remedies.

Tea TreeMy search brought me to tea tree oil. I had used this oil many years ago for my skin, but that was the extent of my experience. This was a chance to extend my experience, so I thought I’d give it a go. I was supposed to warm the oil and pour it in one ear at a time, letting it sit for a few minutes. Not being the type to follow instructions well, I chose to try a different approach.

I opted for the easy route of putting a couple drops of tea tree oil on a cotton swab and wiping the inside of my ear with it. As soon as I applied it, the burning sensation got slightly stronger, and I was concerned I’d made things worse. However, the feeling subsided after a few minutes and my concern dissipated.

Once the feeling abated, I used another swab doused in water to wipe out my ear. I then repeated the process on the other side. The results were both immediate and lasting. My ears have not bothered me nearly as much since the day I did this. They’re not perfect, but they’re much better. I would imagine if I had used the oil the way I was supposed to, the results would have been even more potent.


Thieves is another Young Living essential oil blend, and it’s one of the most versatile I’ve learned about to date.Spices The line of Thieves products is extensive and ranges from the oil blend itself to laundry soap, with all sorts of items in between.

The oil blend is the item I’m most familiar with, and it consists of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus radiata. While it has many uses, I’ve mainly used it for aromatherapy. The scent has a powerful but pleasant spiciness to it that reminds me of baking and Fall weather.

Along with the oil blend, I’ve been using the very convenient Thieves spray. I keep it in my purse and my car for quick spritzes when I’m looking for a fresh scent. It also makes a great sanitizer for just about anything, though I’ve only ever used it for my hands.

Oils Galore

I’ve barely begun to delve into the world of essential oils. Tea tree, Digize, and Thieves aren’t even the tip of the iceberg. They are, however, oils I’ve grown more familiar with. Should I make any more interesting or useful discoveries, I’ll be sure to share them. For now, I hope you enjoy these three.

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