Rain is a Good Thing, For the Most Part


Ah, rain. While not the favorite weather of most, it does hold a special place in a few of our hearts. Yes, some rainy days are cold and miserable, but it would be unfair to lump them all in this category. Rain is, after all, a wonderful thing – whether we appreciate it or not.

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Drip, Drip, Drop

Spring RainWhen rain falls softly from the sky, it often changes people’s opinion of it. This generally occurs in the spring, when people have grown weary of winter and welcome light showers as a sign of better things to come. In these situations, rain initiates a gentle transition from bleak and depressing to bright and hopeful. As cold winds turn into warm breezes, flowers begin to bloom and trees begin to bud – all thanks to those lovely spring showers.

Spring showers are generally calming and cleansing. They wash away the last remnants of winter, leaving a clean slate and new opportunities for growth. A light spring rain feels soothing and refreshing against one’s skin. It pulls up memories of childhood days spent splashing in puddles and running around without a care in the world.

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

Any friendly sentiment toward rain only lasts for a few weeks, though. As soon as the sun peeks out from the clouds and the days turn hot, people abandon their newfound liking of it. It becomes a symbol of limitation and dreariness, and what was once seen as a sign of hope in the spring, is now considered a beacon of misery in the summer.Thunderstorm

Summer rainstorms don’t equal misery for everyone, however. Many people find them to be a reprieve from the otherwise incessant sunshine. More importantly, they often bring cooler weather, which is a massive relief from the humidity that seems to cling to summer.

With summertime rain, there’s also always the possibility of a thunderstorm. Sure, they ruins certain occasions, such as picnics and boat rides, but full-blown thunderstorms more than make up for this. Unless one is afraid of them or simply doesn’t like them, though it’s difficult to understand why that would be the case.

Bring on the Rain

Flash FloodThunderstorms may sound mean, and they can certainly cause some considerable damage, but they’re usually more bark than bite. A downpour during a thunderstorm might provoke flash floods and water damage, but more often than not, it’s simply loud and aggressive. The best place to be when this is occurring is under a tin roof, though just about anywhere will do.

While downpours are impressive in their power, they’re rather disappointing in their length. Most of the time, they’re short-lived, but they make up for this by pounding against every surface as hard as they possibly can. Any true rain fan knows not to get too excited when there’s a storm in the forecast, though, given how quickly the excitement generally ends.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

There’s no doubt that people have mixed feelings about rain. Evidence of this can be found just about everywhere, from song lyrics to scents. Rain is an extraordinarily common theme, and when it comes to its non-physical aspects, people are far more inclined to be fans.

One of the most popular aspects of rain that people have tried to harness is the smell. Fresh rain has a lovely, earthy smell to it. This smell has been featured in all sorts of things, including air fresheners, candles, and laundry detergent. Though people might not enjoy the feeling of rain, it’s tough to deny that they enjoy the smell.Raindrops

Another popular aspect is the sound. It’s often utilized in sound machines and on relaxation CDs, thanks to its calming effect. The constant drumming and dripping easily lulls people to sleep, or at least into a state of ease. This is not to be confused with the dripping of a faucet, however; that’s just downright annoying.

Perhaps the most popular aspect of rain is the word itself and the variety of emotions it elicits in people. The amount of songs that include rain in either the title or the lyrics is enormous and overwhelming when one starts to think about it. Songs both laud and loathe rain. Regardless of the opinions presented, there’s no denying they certainly like to mention it.

Like It Or Not

While it may not always be appreciated, rain is most definitely necessary. One would be hard-pressed to find a convincing argument that it’s not. It keeps our planet functioning. Besides, it has an inexplicable hold on people and an uncanny ability to both drive them crazy and bring them joy. Despite its sometimes negative consequences, rain is a good thing.

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