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Why Is Gift Shopping So Difficult?


Some people live to give gifts to others. They consider themselves connoisseurs of gift giving and look forward to every birthday, anniversary, and holiday. These individuals will use just about anything as an excuse to give someone a gift, even if the reason is completely arbitrary. They love seeing others react to what they’ve chosen for them and tend to struggle when trying to keep it a secret. Leslie Knope, from Parks and Recreation, would be the perfect example of this type of person.

Others find gift giving tedious and challenging. They don’t necessarily dislike it, but they also don’t look forward to the process. These people might have a tough time making decisions or are simply bad at knowing what other people are interested in. Either way, they cringe when holidays and birthdays draw near, knowing they’ll have to figure something out. Why do they find it so difficult, though?

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Endless Opportunities

The amount of available options is one of the reasons gift shopping is so challenging. With an outrageous number of products on the shelves of stores, it’s tough to narrow down the options. How are you supposed to choose one item when you know multiple items would thrill the receiver?Boxes

Children are perhaps the worst people to shop for when it comes to this particular dilemma. Kids get excited over even the smallest things, from the gift itself to the box it came in. Provided you don’t buy them something like socks or underwear, they’re usually pleased with whatever you give them. This makes shopping for them surprisingly difficult. Before you know it, you have fifteen different toys in your cart and no idea how you’re going to decide which one is the best.

This same issue rears its ugly head when it comes to people who are similar to you. Choosing gifts for these people is basically like choosing a gift for yourself. You have a whole list of fun things you want, and you know the other person would enjoy these things as well. Yet, you’re hesitant to purchase any of them because you’d be tempted to keep the item for yourself. You’re stuck deciding if you should get something you know they’d love based on your own likes, or if you should find something you’re less certain about.

Practically Strangers

Not knowing someone as well as you thought you did is another reason gift shopping is a pain. You don’t realize this until a gift-giving opportunity arises, and you find yourself wracking your brain just to come up with an idea. You’re forced to browse online catalogs and wander aimlessly through aisles, hoping something will catch your eye.


It’s moments such as this where you can’t help but wonder how it’s possible for you to not be aware of any of the person’s interests or hobbies. If you know them well enough to be getting them a gift, shouldn’t you have more useful information about them? It makes you question why you’re getting them a gift in the first place. You start to question if you should even bother getting a gift at all, but of course you’re still going to try.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of lacking information about the person, though. Rather, it’s a matter of not knowing enough about the hobby itself. The individual’s interests are either super obscure or bore you to tears. Plus, it’s hard to know what’s considered cool when it comes to an obscure hobby you know nothing about. What if you get something that’s considered faux pas?  Essentially, you know what they like, but you don’t know how to find a good gift based on this knowledge.

Fully Stocked

Sometimes you must buy gifts for people who already have everything they could possibly need. Gift shopping for these people is usually frustrating and bothersome because you genuinely have no idea what to get them. Every time you think you’ve come up with the perfect gift, you realize they already have it. You search endlessly for something unique and special – something that will really stick out and make the person happy.

These people are the same ones who tell you they don’t want anything or to not worry about it when you ask them what they’d like. They’re terribly unhelpful in this way, and you end up having to figure it out on your own. Of course, this wouldn’t be so bad if you at least had an inkling of where to begin. Oh, and if you are one of these people, please start giving us a clue about what you want.

Gift Haul

Bite the Bullet

Like it or not, gift shopping is something we all must do at one point or another. It’s a necessary evil, but it generally has pleasant enough results. Most people appreciate the effort behind the gift if nothing else. It’s the thought that counts, right? Keep trying, and don’t give up hope. Oh, and when in doubt, food or drinks are almost always a safe choice.

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