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Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I consider it acceptable for people to listen to Christmas songs. In honor of that fact, I’m going to share some of my favorite Christmas songs. For this week, I’ve decided to go with Christmas songs sung by Gene Autry. I distinctly remember digging through our basket of cassette tapes until I found the one with Rudolph on it. I would listen to that tape over and over again. There was something magical about Gene’s voice that kept drawing me in.

These are Christmas songs that would greet me as I walked in the door after school. They are songs I would sing along to while I baked cookies with my mom and sister. To this day, I find them trouncing through my head each time the holiday season approaches. They were an integral part of my childhood, and I’m happy to be sharing them with you now.

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“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

This song was probably the main reason I enjoyed listening to this tape. It was how I identified which one I was talking about before I knew the name Gene Autry. As soon as I asked for Rudolph, my mom knew exactly what I was talking about. The Gene Autry version of this song will always be one of my favorites.

“Buon Natale”

This song is great for singing along. It has a robust melody and a fun chorus, both of which are enjoyable. Fair warning though, this song will get stuck in your head. In fact, the reason I decided to write about Gene Autry’s songs first is because this song decided to pop into my head a while ago and never leave. At least it’s a good one.

“Santa’s Comin’ in a Whirlybird”

This song is ridiculous, but fun. If nothing else, it should make you laugh. It features a very catchy tune and a ridiculous voice that you can’t help but mimic. I’m not totally sure why I like this song so much, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with how silly it is.

“Nine Little Reindeer”

This is another song that’s kind of silly, but it’s one I’ve always enjoyed. It starts out with a little story that leads in to the song. It’s definitely a children’s song, which might be part of why I liked it as a child. Like the others, it’s a fun, catchy little song.

“Sleigh Bells”

I almost forgot about this song, which would’ve been terrible. This is one of my favorites from this tape. It’s a pretty song that’s easy to sing and has simple lyrics.

Christmas Songs for the Ages

Other Gene Autry songs I remember include:

“Here Comes Santa Claus”

“Up On The House Top”

“O Little Town Of Bethlehem”

“Joy To The World”

“Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town”

I think what I enjoy about all of these Christmas songs is how they make me feel. The sound of them, knowing they were on a cassette tape, and the memories that come along with them all make me smile. They remind me of a simpler time.

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