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Free Writing to Overcome Writer’s Block


My writer’s block has been continuing its cruel tirade against me. I have started several blog posts, then suddenly lost interest in what I’m writing about. I’ve also had a difficult time focusing when I’m writing because there are so many other things I want to focus on while I’m visiting Minnesota. I feel like I’m on an extended vacation, but I know I still have to accomplish something while I’m here.

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Pros and Cons of Free Writing

Since I seem to be struggling with writing lately, I’ve decided to turn to the most basic writing tool I know – free writing. Free writing is simply putting down whatever comes to mind without worrying about logical progression, grammar, spelling, etc. I figure publishing whatever I free write might actually help accomplish showing you what being indecisive can be like.


The downside of free writing is the difficulty it presents for readability. It’s usually pretty unorganized, and it’s certainly not set up for a good SEO (search engine optimization) score. You see, when you publish something online, you have to remember that people are reading everything on a screen of some kind. This means it has to be set up in a way that’s easy to understand and navigate. The programs I use seem to believe that headers and transition words are helpful. They also look for certain lengths for things like the description and title.

Expectations and Whatnot

I’m not saying any of these things are inherently bad. In fact, they’ve helped me greatly when it comes to making sure a post is presentable and easy to find. The problem is I don’t usually write that way. It feels too much like I’m writing for a class or a job, which isn’t what I want to be doing. The problem lies more so with me than with the system I use. The expectationssystem is set up to help people like me gain traction. The biggest issue is how I’ve gone about things. Rather than sitting down and focusing on just writing, I’ve been letting myself get bogged down in how I’m going to fit my keywords in and how the whole thing needs to be structured.

I don’t do well with too much structure. What I should have been doing is writing, and then working out where to put subheadings and deciding what my keywords should be. Doing it the other way around has effectively killed my creativity. It constricts me in a way that makes it difficult to motivate myself to keep writing.

I’ve also created a schedule for when I post, which is necessary but also means I have to follow it or I feel like a complete failure. Not that anyone else is concerned about when I post, but my own mental expectations have to be met or what will I really be accomplishing? Of course, this becomes extremely difficult when I’m lacking focus, motivation, and creativity. Gearing everything toward an actual audience has torn away the freedom I’ve always found in writing.

Free Writing Might Actually Work

This isn’t the first time I’ve run into this type of issue; I had the same problem in college. I would worry too much about the details and never scriptreally accomplish anything because of it. I’m not a detail-oriented person; I’m an ideas person. If I try too hard to focus on the details, I get frustrated and lose interest in what I’m doing. Something that was once easy for me to do becomes challenging and painful.

Well, I somehow managed to write more than I thought I would, and Leo just plopped himself onto my lap, so I think I will call it quits. Now I will try to find a way to make this jumbled mess more presentable. Free writing did help me sort out why I’ve been experiencing such a bad block lately. Hopefully I will be able to move forward without too many future issues.

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