Feeling Overwhelmed

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?


Feeling overwhelmed is something we’ve all likely experienced at some point in our lives. We bury ourselves under a pile of things we believe we must accomplish until we find ourselves being crushed by the weight of it all. At this point, we often become paralyzed by the mere thought of doing anything and, as a result, end up doing nothing. We neglect our duties, our families, and even ourselves because the smallest things make us feel like we’re being suffocated.

When we start feeling this overwhelmed, we have two options: keep going or shut down. Sadly, we often choose the latter of the two when the former is really the better option. Shutting down doesn’t help us overcome these feelings; it perpetuates them. If we choose to keep going, however, we eventually get past the point of feeling overwhelmed and are able to move forward.

Father Mike Schmitz

Father Mike Schmitz talks about overcoming these feelings of being overwhelmed in the video below, and he says it much better than I can. This message is one we could all benefit from in some way, so keep an open mind and really let the words sink in. He is a priest, so there are some Christian undertones, but his message rings true even if you’re not a Christian. I encourage you to listen to what he has to say and to check out some of his other talks on YouTube. “What’s Your Burden” is one I especially recommend as it also addresses the topic of stress and is a good companion video to this one.

Fair warning, Father Mike speaks rather quickly, is a little quirky, and sometimes gets off track. He does, however, have a lot of good things to say, and I truly believe his words of wisdom will be beneficial to you. Enjoy the video, and feel free to pass it along to anyone who might need some words of encouragement right now.


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