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There is only darkness and no light.

There is no daytime and only night.

No sleep is possible, can’t close my eyes.

That howling wind, I do despise.

The lightning strikes and the thunder rolls.

The rain pours down before the rooster crows.

The sun won’t rise. I’m all alone.

As I lie there crying, I hear a moan.

“Who could it be and where?” I ask.

Then I slowly rise to do my task.

I slightly jump when the floorboards creak.

I try the light, feeling oh so meek.

It flickers once and then goes out.

My throat feels tight as I try to shout.

No words escape my frightened lips,

As someone holds me in their grip.

My last hope seems to slip away.

As though it were a fading day.

And now there’s nothing left to do.

but wait to see if the nightmare is true.

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