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Customer Service Might Not Be Dead After All


I believe I’ve made it quite clear up to this point that I prefer online shopping to physical location shopping. Not everyone understands why this is the case, and some believe I’m missing out on certain aspects of the shopping experience. They often mention the lack of human interaction and how online shopping is too impersonal.

Quite frankly, I relish the lack of human interaction, so that argument is easily done away with. As for it being impersonal, I do see where they’re coming from – to an extent. Speaking with someone face to face is presumably more personal than exchanging emails. Is it always, though?

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Some of the greatest and most personable exchanges I’ve had, both as a consumer and a provider, have been via email. To shed some light on this underappreciated form of customer service, I’ve thrown together an article about some of the companies I’ve been impressed with thus far. These are companies that have gone above and beyond to make sure their customers are fully satisfied with their products and their companies.

Bean Envy

FrotherBean Envy is a small company that specializes in coffee-related products. I ordered a milk frother from them, and have been exceptionally happy with it. The frother itself probably isn’t terribly exceptional, but it does the job. It came with a stand, and it looks lovely sitting next to my Keurig.

Although I’m completely satisfied with the frother, it’s not what’s important here; the company’s dedication to customer service is what really impresses me. Within twenty-four hours of ordering the frother, I had an email waiting for me to assure me I’d be well taken care of. No big deal, right? Right.

Except, it later became a big deal. I sent them an email, and they replied within fifteen minutes. Not only was the response extremely prompt, it was also highly personable and helpful. They’ve been a great company to deal with, and I’m glad I discovered them. I look forward to their continued growth and hope they do well.

Get the frother here, and the Keurig here.


I went back and forth with Grillux initially because they seemed to be sending more emails than necessary, and no one likes spam. However, they made up for this fact by including a $10 coupon in each one. Whether this was a glitch in their system or they’re super generous, I’m not certain. Regardless, the extra gift is appreciated, and will be utilized.Grill Basket

Now, I don’t think Grillux is the actual name of the company because the emails said they were from LAVO. The people I emailed back and forth with only ever referenced Grillux, though, so LAVO might not be significant at all. It could just be the emailing company they use. Either way, Grillux is the aspect I admire. I ordered a grill basket from them, and the coupons enabled me to purchase another one at an outrageously low price. (I got it free).

The individuals I dealt with were all genuinely interested in what I had to say. They wanted to know what they could do differently, which means they’re consistently working to improve their customer service and the company. To me, the effort alone is a good sign for the company’s future.

Get your own grill basket here.


I know, I know, I talk about Amazon too much. Honestly though, they have unbelievable customer service. Each and every time I’ve reached out to them, they’ve been responsive and helpful. They generally do everything within their power to make sure you’re completely satisfied, and they’re willing to correct their mistakes.


While there are several examples of the excellent customer service I’ve received from Amazon, one currently stands out to me. I had ordered a gift for my uncle but never received it. After a decent amount of time had passed, I reached out to Amazon. The item was sold by a third party, so they explained they couldn’t do anything until they spoke with the company. The company, however, had apparently disappeared. Rather than telling me I was out of luck, like some companies, Amazon apologized profusely and issued a full refund. They also included a five-dollar gift card to make up for the trouble.

Amazon has consistently proven itself to be a leader in customer service and satisfaction. While I may be a bit biased, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. After all, there are people who believe Amazon is trying to take over the world thanks to its far-reaching abilities.

Check out all Amazon has to offer here.

People Make Customer Service

I’ve had plenty of in-person conversations where it seems the other person isn’t even listening. I’ve also had many email exchanges where I’ve been pretty sure the person on the other end was illiterate. I know an email isn’t much, considering you can easily set them up to go out automatically, but it’s still better than nothing. From what I’ve gathered, customer service depends on the people providing the service, not the capacity in which they’re doing so.

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