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Chip Mug From Beauty and the Beast


Finding something to write about today was a bit of a struggle. Nothing was sticking out to me, and I didn’t want to choose something just to get it done with. As I was making my coffee, I kept racking my brain for a good topic. It was then that it occurred to me; I had just washed my Chip mug instead of grabbing an already clean one from the cupboard. I had been using this Beauty and the Beast themed mug almost every day since I bought it. Why not write about it?

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Who is Chip?

If you’ve never seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, go watch it now, and then come back and finish reading. I adored this movie growing up, and not much has really changed. Belle loves to read, has a horse, and longs for adventure; she’s a girl after my own heart. She wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed about the movie, however. I really liked the cursed inhabitants of the castle.

Mrs. Potts and Chip

Among these poor, unfortunate souls is Chip Potts. He is the son of Mrs. Potts and was turned into a teacup when the enchantress put the curse on the castle. Other than the dog that became a footstool, Chip was probably my favorite supporting character. He has an adorable voice and an unquenchable curiosity that make him highly lovable. His admiration for Belle is clear to see and has a big role in how the end of the movie plays out.

Ceramic Chip Mug


I found my Chip mug when I was visiting my cousin in Orlando. I
originally found a toy version, which made me express how much cooler it would be if they had a real mug. Much to my delight, my cousin informed me that they did, and the rest is history. The Chip mug was the one item I wanted to make sure I purchased before I left, and it’s everything I wanted it to be.

The Chip mug is made to look exactly like the character. It’s a ceramic mug that holds ten ounces of fluid, though this does bring it close to the rim. Unfortunately, it’s not microwave or dishwasher safe, although it did fine being in the microwave for thirty seconds. Rather than having an actual chip, the makers opted to use discoloration and indentation to make the mug appear chipped. The effect is satisfying, as is the mug in its entirety. Overall, I’ve been satisfied with my chip mug, and I love drinking out of it. It’s a great connection to my childhood.

Get yours here – Chip Mug

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