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Basic Starter Kit from Young Living


When I first became a member of Young Living, I had to choose a welcome package. Generally, people are encouraged to choose the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with a diffuser, several oils, and some helpful tools. Honestly, if you’re brand new to essential oils, this kit is a great place to start. However, if you have a little experience with oils and already own a few of the items found in the Premium Starter Kit, you may want to choose the Basic Starter Kit.

This was the position in which I found myself, so I settled on the Basic Starter Kit. I briefly glanced through it when it first arrived but had to put it aside to deal with more pressing matters. I’ve put it off longer than I originally intended, but I’m finally getting around to looking through my kit. I thought I’d share a little about the contents, since the Basic Starter Kit doesn’t usually get a lot of attention.

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Young Living Disclaimer: Oils are not evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • A 5-ml. bottle of Stress Away
    • An original Young Living essential oil blend meant to help ease stress
  • Two 2-oz. NingXia Red samples
    • A liquid, dietary supplement
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment
  • Essential Edge
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • Member Resources

Oils and Samples

The Basic Starter Kit only comes with one bottle of Stress Away, which isn’t a lot. I’ve been trying to use up the cheaper quality oils I have, so this worked out NingXia Redwell for me. As a bonus, the included oil was one I didn’t already have, and it would allow me to try an oil blend I otherwise wouldn’t.

Stress Away is a blend of the following six essential oils: lavender, lime, cedarwood, vanilla, copaiba, and ocotea. You may use it by applying it to your wrists or the back of your neck, or a few drops can be added to a diffuser. It’s not meant to cure anything, but it might help you feel relaxed and comforted.

Although Stress Away is the only bottle of oil included in the Basic Starter Kit, there are five other sample oils included. These oils, peppermint, Peace & Calming, Thieves, lemon, and lavender, come in small packets. You get two packets of each, so you can feel free to test it yourself and pass one on to a friend.

Along with the oil samples, you receive two samples of NingXia Red, which is a liquid supplement that includes an essential oil blend of yuzu, lemon, tangerine, and orange. It tastes sweet, and it was nice to be able to try a product I would otherwise write off as a money-making gimmick.

Reading Material

Anytime you become a member of something, you’re given some type of welcome packet. This explains the basic things you need to know about the organization and what your role is. Young Living is no different. The Basic Starter Kit provides a decent amount of information without being overwhelming.

Reading MaterialAmong the reading material, you’ll find a small, green booklet that briefly explains what essential oils are. It also covers three oils and how they can be used. Quite frankly, I’m not sure why they include it because they also include an infographic that includes the same oils.

The infographic is a two-sided document that includes information about sixteen oils, as well as tips for how to apply essential oils. It’s both sturdy, helpful, and makes a lot more sense than the random booklet. This document is accompanied by the Young Living Roadmap, which shows where the company’s farms are. It also shows the rankings and what comes with them, and the first steps you should take if you want to be more active.

You’ll also get a couple of welcome letters, which explain how Young Living got started and whatnot. The latest issue of the newsletter, Essential Edge, is also included. All the reading material is easy-to-read, to the point, and well-organized. Even if you’re knowledgeable when it comes to oils, it’s worth going through the reading material.

Tools and Extras

The main point of the Basic Starter Kit seems to be getting you started on your selling path. This makes sense, considering that Young Living is all about perks and providing a valuable experience for everyone. What better way to have a valuable experience than to save money and help others, right?

EO BottlesThe kit includes tools to help you get started on your own Young Living journey. The sample business cards come in five varieties that each include information about a particular oil. They include a spot where you can put a drop of oil and a spot where you can put your contact and ordering information.

Ten sample bottles are also included, and these puppies are great. For starters, they’re adorable. However, looks aren’t everything, so it’s a good thing they’re useful as well. The bottles are a great size for samples, and they’re a lot cleaner than the flimsy packets. Plus, the bottles are great for trying out a blend before making a bigger batch.

Last but not least, you’ll find an AromaGlide Roller Fitment, which is a fancy name for a roll-on attachment. This attachment is meant for the bottle of Stress Away, but can be used on any Young Living essential oil bottle. (I specify Young Living here only because I’ve never tried it on any other brand.) Having a roller is great if you have an oil you’re planning on using topically. If you have no intention of sharing your oil, a roller is also great for a quick dab on the tongue.

Starter Kits

I’m not here to tell you which is the better option, though. I’m simply here to provide the information available to me. However, looking back, I sort of wish I had gotten the Premium Starter Kit. If I had known how pleased and impressed I’d be by the oils from Young Living, I would’ve gotten more of them right away. This doesn’t mean I’m disappointed by the Basic Starter Kit. I’m actually quite happy with what I received and the starting point it’s provided me. If you’re thinking about becoming a member, I hope this will provide some insight.

FYI: The Basic Starter Kit is exclusive to members. If you’d like to become a member, click here or on the image below and use 10799588 for both the sponsor and enroller number.

Young Living

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