Autumn Pleasantries Last the Whole Year Through


As the sweltering heat of summer continues to crush us with its unbearable weight, one can’t help but long for the gentler days of fall. Granted, whether it’s hot and humid or frigid and cold, autumn always seems to be on at least one person’s mind. It makes sense, considering how fall is a delightful and heartwarming season.

Fall holds a dear place in many hearts. People long for it during the rest of the year and thrive when it finally arrives. However, autumn is not created equal in all parts of the world. Some places are spoiled with an overabundance of fall-related joys, while other areas get little to none. These individuals will have to make do with the simple imaginings of a full-fledged fall.

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Sniff Sniff

Fall SpicesClose your eyes for a moment (well, finish reading the sentence first) and imagine your favorite childhood smells. What came to mind? Did any of the smells remind you of fall? Now, repeat the process for your current favorites and ask yourself the same questions. I’m willing to bet at least one of the smells you thought of is related to the harvest season.

The smells of autumn are earthy and fragrant. They warm our noses and reach all the way down into our toes. Freshly baked goods and potpourri fill homes with hints of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Cooked apples, sweet oranges, and pumpkin spice waft through the air indoors, while hay and decaying leaves take over outside.

There’s nothing quite like walking through the door and being greeted by these smells. They’re remarkable in their ability to make any place feel homey. As for the smells outdoors, you might think they’d be unpleasant, but the mixture of sweetness and mustiness makes you feel alive and invigorated. Fall smells are simply brilliant.

What A Feeling

SimplicityAutumn smells induce certain feelings, but they’re not the only aspect of the season that do so. Rain beats against every surface and temperatures drop, creating that crisp feeling in the air. Wind whistles and howls as it sweeps through the land and finds every crack in the walls, bringing on the eerie feeling that permeates the entirety of October. Then, of course, there’s the marvelous feeling of anticipation that lasts throughout the entire season of fall.

The anticipation stems from the plethora of holidays that occur either during or near the fall season. One after another they come, creating a spirit of frivolity and elation that sweeps us off our feet. Yet, perhaps the strongest feeling that autumn invokes is that of simplicity, not extravagance.

Despite how busy fall gets to be, it remains a season of contemplation and stillness. It’s the time of the year when we’re reminded to slow down and enjoy the little things in life and the things that matter most. We spend time with our families and reminisce about days gone by. This is what fall is truly about.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Everywhere

PumpkinsIf there’s one feature of fall that appears to stand out above the rest, it’s pumpkin. From pumpkin pie to jack o’ lanterns, those orange balls provide a wide range of enjoyable foods and activities. Not to mention an unbelievable amount of pumpkin spice flavored items.

Regarding pumpkin spice, too much of a good thing proves once again to be an accurate statement. Its influx has taken over everything from lattes to butter. The excess of pumpkin spice products only detracts from how truly incredible the flavor is. Pumpkin and spices create a unique experience for your palate, but it’s one you’ll eventually grow tired of.

Yet, autumn simply wouldn’t be the same without pumpkins. They’re our decorations, our food, and our entertainment. They’re one of the first things that comes to mind when someone mentions fall. Love it or hate it, pumpkin is an essential part of the season.

Colors of the Wind

When you spot the first changed leaf of the season, it’s a thrilling feeling. It signals the beginning of autumn and the beauty to come. Bright oranges and reds, mellow yellows, and rusty browns begin to pop up everywhere, filling everything with a magical feeling.

Fall colors inspire us and make us smile. They’re so incredible that people will travel hundreds of miles to experience them. They turn a sea of green into a forest of variety. Viewing fall colors in person is something everyone should enjoy at least once.

Fall Colors

Awe-inspiring Autumn

As autumn draws near, those of us who adore it can’t help but feel excited. We look forward to the sights and smells, and we relish the overall feeling that emanates from fall. It’s a fantastic time of the year that has more than enough to offer. If you’re able to have a full fall experience, consider yourself lucky and enjoy it to the fullest.

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